"Drink makes you hungry, and eating makes you thirsty. Neither aspect of this two sided proposition has escaped the publican."

the royal peasant pub and restaurant

bits & bobs -

house chips /garlic oil /mayo o' day

carrot & parsnip chips /curry ketchup

house crisps /blue cheese /bacon

lamb skewers /greens /chutney

proper plates/bowls -

grilled cheese sandwich choice of cheddar or fontina add pancetta ($2)

welsh rarebit /cured meat

warm three bean salad ~ add chicken

vegetable curry

peasant pie o'day

lamb vindaloo curry

lamb stew /baguette over rice

ploughman's - cured meat /bread /pickled bits /cheese /greens

fish & chips

be royals -

royale with cheese burger* cheddar /bacon /shallots

bangers & mash /turmeric cabbage

lamb ribs /couscous /carrots

london broil salad*/arugula /peppers

lamb burger*/daily

stickies -

sticky toffee pudding /vanilla gelato

blackbun /frozen cream

weekly specials -

monday - corned beef & cabbage

tuesday - shepherd's pie

wednesday - poutine

Download Food Menu (PDF)

and -


it's 2016 — we do not accept checks

*the consumption of raw or undercooked food can cause illness. these items are cooked to order

specials at Royal Peasant

Open 7 Days a Week

kitchen: daily 11:30am - 11:00pm (sun 10pm)
drinks: daily 11:30am - midnight (sun 11pm)

Download Beer Menu (PDF)

Download Food Menu (PDF)

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